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Albertini, Lisa History
Allegrino, Bryan Science 973-383-6700
Anderson, William E-Commerce CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Ashton, Erin History 973-383-6700
Barletto, Meg Science 973-383-6700
Bielen, Gary Special Education Paraprofessional
Bourinaris, Lynn Culinary Arts CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Braun, Cheryl Child Study Team 973-383-6700
Brown, Cynthia Special Education Paraprofessional
Buccieri, Christine History 973-383-6700
Burger, Jodi Transportation
Carbone, Andrew Physcial Education/Health 9733836700
Carlson, Lisa Child Study Team LDTC 973-383-6700
Carroll, Bobby Director of Buildings and Grounds 973-383-6700
Conklin, Josh Welding CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Conklin, Kristina Cosmetology CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Coplon, Quentin Mathematics 973-383-6700
Coyle, Donna Admin Assistant / Athletics 973-383-6700
Crosson, Stacy CTE Vocational Education Vice Principal/CTE Programs 973-383-6700
Culver, Charles Technology Coordinator 973-383-6700
Czermak, Lois Transportation 9733836700
Deery, Jenny Science 973-383-6700
DelPreore, Jennifer Transportation 973-383-6700
Dembowski, Theodore Mathematics 973-383-6700
Drake, Howard Carpentry CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Eltzholtz, Sharon Child Study Team Admin Assistant / CST 973-383-6700
Fantasia, Molly 973-383-6700
Finley, Kathleen Child Study Team Supervisor of Special Education / LDTC 973-383-6700
Frisbie, Kim Board Office Admin Assistant / Business Office 973-383-6700
Fugger, Rachel Spanish
Gardepe, Joshua CTE Vocational Education
Gasiorek, Chad Commercial Baking 973-383-6700
Gimigliano, Maggie 973-383-6700
Gonzalez, Eric Student Center Recreation Coordinator / Student Center 973-383-6700
Gonzalez, Rey Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 973-383-6700
Guarcello, Ada Guidance 973-383-6700
Guerriero, Toni Admin Assistant / Superintendent 973-383-6700
Halloran, Christopher Administration Director of Curriculum and Instruction 973-383-6700
Harlacher, Craig Science 973-383-6700
Hart, Ed Career Technical Education
Herczku, Noelle Student Center Student Center Counselor 973-383-6700
Herschman, Eric Child Study Team School Psychologist 973-383-6700
Hoppe, Amanda Commercial Art 9733836700
Italiano, Andrew Board Office School Business Administrator 973-383-6700
Kalosy, Robert Paraprofessional 973-383-6700
Keiper, Debbie Guidance 973-383-6700
Klein, Christine Admin Assistant / Attendance 973-383-6700
Kosan, Heather Student Center Student Center Counselor 973-383-6700
Kotz, Blessing Math
Kristiansen, Michelle Mathematics 973-383-6700
Kumetz, Jocelyne Transportation 973-383-6700
Kuznar, Anna Mathematics 973-383-6700
Lacognata, Janice Career Technical Education Admin Assistant / Main Office 973-383-6700
Land, Chris Engineering 973-383-6700
Leek, Amy Admin Assistant / Principal 973-383-6700
Longstaff, Kristen 973-383-6700
Lotter, Keith Physcial Education/Health
Lynch, Karen Transportation 973-383-6700
Mackey, John Vehicle Maintenance Technology CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Makris, Thomas CTE - Career and Technical Education Teacher 973-383-6700
Masotti, Steve Vice Principal/Discipline 973-383-6700
McCarthy, Dennis Law and Public Safety 973-383-6700
Modla, Gus Superintendent / Principal 973-383-6700
Monell, John Transportation Director 973-383-6700
Monell, Sharon Guidance Admin Assistant / Guidance 973-383-6700
Nauss, Bridget Paraprofessional 973-383-6700
Nedelka, Anne Student Center Student Center Counselor 973-383-6700
Nicholson, Jen 973-383-6700
O'Neill, Richard Security 973-383-6700
Orlando, Jackie Special Education Paraprofessional
Pagan, Ashley English
Paiva, Ed Spanish 973-383-6700
Patterson, Cathy Paraprofessional 973-383-6700
Petrizzo, Gina Spanish 973-383-6700
Pinhas, Laura Horticulture/Landscape Design Technology 973-383-6700
Predmore, Susan Board Office Payroll / Benefits 973-383-6700
Ranasinghe, Sanjula Student Center Admin Assistant / Student Center
Rapp, Michelle Board Office Admin Assistant / Business Office 973-383-6700
Rapuano, Mary Social Studies 973-383-6700
Re, Maria Language Arts 973-383-6700
Rolph, Harley Spanish 9733836700
Rowe, Christine Student Center
Russo, Jonathan History 973-383-6700
Sandman, Alyson Paraprofessional 973-383-6700
Sarner, Suzanne Student Center Director of the Student Center 973-383-6700
Schlereth, Mindy Science 973-383-6700
Schmucker, Deb Paraprofessional 973-383-6700
Selimo, Sue Special Education Paraprofessional
Shadwell, Michael Transportation Technology (Auto/Diesel) 973-383-6700
Shawiak, Erin History 973-383-6700
Starace, Ralph SkillsUSA Advisor 973-383-6700
Sturm, Pam Mathematics 973-383-6700
Styles, Steven Graphic Design (Graphic Communications) 973-383-6700
Szatkiewicz, Brad 973-383-6700
Tierney, Robert Transportation
Tresslar, Michael Guidance 973-383-6700
Trimper, Neil Culinary Arts 973-383-6700
Truesdell, Sean Athletic Trainer / Teacher 973-383-6700
VanAuken, Dawn Clerical Skills 973-383-6700
VanKalsbeck, Amy Mathematics 973-383-6700
Varkey, Bina Guidance 973-383-6700
Ventresco, Michael Cinematography and Film/Video Production 973-383-6700
Villani, Jamie Theatre Arts 9733836700
Wagner, Steven Building Trades 973-383-6700
Wakefoose, Deborah Cosmetology 973-383-6700
Ward, Brian Transportation Technology (Auto/Diesel) 973-383-6700
Yenesel, Fatima Foreign Languages
ZuHone, Kane Evening Security 973-383-6700