There has been interest expressed regarding a second order for Gertrude Hawk candy bars. If you didn't originally contract for candy bars or have sold out of your contracted order, please consider an additional order.     
All contracts are due by Wednesday, December 20, 2017. Our order will be available for pickup Thursday, January 4, 2018.

        Class of 2021 Gertrude Hawk Candy Bar Fundraiser

The freshman class will be participating in the Gertrude Hawk Classic Candy Bar fundraiser between December 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018. The information for this fundraiser is as follows:

-The candy bars come in carriers of 50 and each candy bar will sell for $1.00. You will turn in $50 per carrier of candy bars, which will count toward shares for your Senior year activities.

-If you take a carrier, you must return the $50 in its entirety; no unsold candy bars may be returned. All monies must be turned in within 2 weeks of receiving your candy. Each carrier of candy must be sold in its entirety before a second carrier will be issued and only one carrier will be issued at a time. For example: if you wish to order and sell three carriers, the first carrier must be paid for in full before the second carrier is issued to you, and the second carrier paid for in full before the third carrier is issued. OR you may prepay for your carriers if you want more than one at a time.

-You may turn in cash or one check for $50, payable to SCTS. Any monies not returned will result in an obligation with the principal.

If you would like to participate in this event, see Mrs. Braun or Mrs. Gimigliano for your contract. Contracts are also available for download below. All contracts are due by Wednesday, November 15, 2017. The minimum order through Gertrude Hawk is 20 carriers; if there is not an overall commitment of at least 20 carriers, we cannot run this event. Our order will be available for pickup Friday, December 1, 2017.

Please see either Mrs. Braun or Mrs. Gimigliano if you have any questions.



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